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House Of Velvet


House of Velvet is a short film that follows a day in the life of the Kiki House of Velvet members. Scattered moments from their everyday experiences in the outside world dissolve when everyone meets again in the safety within their chosen family. Scripted scenes merged with authentic and lived experiences of the characters show how the ballroom culture intertwines with their lives & vice versa.


Central & Eastern Europe definitely has its own set of challenges. We believe it’s important to portray how ballroom culture targets and softens these issues. What could be perceived as something purely performative, aesthetical or fashion oriented by some, is actually deeply activistic for others.


length: 17 minutes
premiere: 2023

director: Igor Smitka
co-director: Ivana Hucíková

editor: Barbora Búbelová 
sound: Jan Licek

music: Kewu, Jan Licek 
camera: Dušan Husár
set design:
 Nina Feriancová
producer: Monika Losťáková, Simona Hrušovská (Super movie)
co-producer: Monika Kraft (NO CAP), Monika Prikkelová (mondance)

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