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Cate Strophe's catastrophic diary

My name is Cate Strophe and  many of you will surely recognize me as the intrepid reporter of Ka - Boom TV. This time I prepared something special for you! In the pages of my travel diary, we will go together by sea to a deserted island, where we will get a closer look at how a volcano works! Then we fly into space and see how lightning is created! We will look directly into the eye of the tornado! And finally, we will conquer huge snow mountains full of dangerous avalanches! A huge adventure awaits us, during which I will show you that learning something new can be really fun!


idea: Veronika Zúbek Kocourková, Simona Hrušovská 
text author: Kata Strofová, Juraj Šlauka 
illustration: Veronika Zúbek  Kocourková 
implementation: Gabika Rusková, Zuzana Chovanová, Simona Hrušovská, Zuzana Šeršenová, Katarína Škorupová
publishing houseSLOVART, spol. s.r.o., Super film s.r.o. and Radio and Television of Slovakia 2019 
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