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The hotel was not here for the past twenty years. Instead, the refugees within their own country live here. 

Thirty years ago Tskaltubo was the most sought after spa town in USSR. After it's collapse, followed by a war with Abkhazia and Georgia, the spas had become the largest refugee camp in the country. Around 6 000 refugees found a home in the sanatoriums. Whole Abkhasian families were uprooted from their prosperous lives in seaside towns and tea and citrus plantations and crammed into one hotel room. One hotel - one village. The idyllic views of the sea and citrus trees in sunny Abkhasia were exchanged for the view of the window on the 6th floor. The places build for relaxation and leisure became involuntary permanent homes. 


genre: Documentary
length: 40 minutes
premiere: 2023

director: Andrea Kalinova
script: Andrea Kalinova

editor: Barbora Búbelová
camera: Radka Šišuláková
producer: Zuzana Jankovičová, Monika Losťáková, Simona Hrušovská, Super film (SK)

supported by: Audiovisual fund
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