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Cate Strophe and the mystery of snow flakes


Like many other children, Cate Strophe is impatiently waiting for her Christmas presents, but she cannot wait for the snow to start falling. Alas, the snow doesn’t come. In a split second, lighting up the Christmas tree becomes an unpredictable adventure! Cate travels to Cloud Kingdom where she saves imprisoned Dusties and the village of the sad Water Drops. She ends up preparing snowfall for her town and shares knowledge of how snowflakes come to be in the first place. The film also explains Cate’s fascination for gaining knowledge, and pinpoints where she first got the idea to become a world-known reporter and journalist.


genre: Animated film

length: 27 minutes
premiere: 2022

director:Veronika Zúbek Kocourková
writer: Juraj Šlauka, Veronika Zúbek Kocourková
art designs
Veronika Zúbek Kocourková
animators: Peter Martinka, Karolína Polakovičová, Dávid Štumpf
editor: Michal Kondrla
music: Martin Hasák
sound: Matej Hlaváč

producer: Simona Hrušovská, Super film (SK)
co-producer: Radio and Television of Slovakia (SK)
distributor: Radio and Television of Slovakia (SK)

supported by: Audiovisual fund
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