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Investigators want to look at the phenomena and controversial topics that are extended in society, but have no scientific background - such as some kinds of alternative medicine, or popular eso-themes (aura, out - of body experience, bioresonance, telepathy or clairvoyance). They try to explore each topic - sometimes amusingly, but clearly and seriously in general. Other protagonists - mainly supporters of one side or another are there (not) to help them.


genre: Documentary series
length: 6x52 min
premiere: 2022

director:Peter Pokorný
writer: Peter Pokorný, Lukáš Jánoš
art designs: Tomáš Motal
animator: Veronika  Zúbek Kocourková
editor: Miloš Jakubík, Barbora Búbelová
sound: Adam Kuchta
music: Martin Hasák
video camera: Jan Kasz, Jan Březina
producer: Monika Losťáková, Simona Hrušovská, Super film (SK)
co-producer: Marek Novák, Xova Film (CZ), Radio and Television of Slovakia (SK), Czech Television (CZ)

opposed: Audiovisual fund
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